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[This project is currently at very early stage]

Project Description

(The following information is subject to change from time to time)

This project is licensed under “Apache License 2.0” and can be easily enhanced or integrated into other applications. 

This project is going to provide a code base for a simple but featured web based trading platform.

  • Front-end UI is highly accessible across different type of devices and platforms. UI can be easily customized to different styles.
  • User can have a limited number of items to trade (simple text only) and choose between public or private sale (contact only).
  • A "grand search function" and "Category based search" will be provided for all public trading.
  • User can search and group other traders into contact.
  • User can receive and forward trading messages from their allowed contacts.
  • User can also renew their ads after certain period to keep it showing in search results or message queue.
  • Other features can be extended by using plugin.

[This project is currently at very early stage]

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